I love boating and kayaking not for the normal reasons people usually like it such as spending time with family and a place to escape on the water. For me kayaking and boating is about feeling the breeze of the great outdoors and looking at the world from another whole perspective. It means that I can reconnect myself with the water and watch the ripples of the water as I splash my oar in the water. Being on the water to me is my happy place. It gives me a sense of peace that nowhere else really does. I feel like I am one with the wind when it blows against my face or the water as it drips down my face as I stir my kayak. It is more than just a normal everyday occurrence it is a part of me and who I am. I remember my first time kayaking. I lost my paddle and used my hands to chase after the oar which stirred my kayak. I see fish that swim around under the water and so much life under the water. When I go under the water after I finish Kayaking I feel like I am living in a dream seeing all the beautiful life under the water especially  when I am with my favourite SUP-Kayak hybrid. The water is clear and illuminates the fish and weeds and many other forms of life that live under the water. Kayaking is not just about enjoying nature but, being so lost in it you feel like you are a part of the water of the cool breeze that blows against your face. My idea of a perfect world would be for everyone to enjoy the peace and love of nature without being interrupted by technology or having other things get in the way. To be able to enjoy and get lost in the world around us is a lost ability nowadays because of technology interfering with people's lives. Nature and kayaking mean that you can reconnect with yourself and really understand more about life because when you are alone in nature. Fruitful world such as on the water makes you grasp a better understanding of what nature truly is. While nature does have good times it can also bring bad weather but, when I am on a kayak and a storm begins I don't feel panic or anxious. I feel instead the joy of the water hitting my face and the droplets as they ripple down from the sky and hit the water creating a rippling effect. Being out on the water kayaking changed my perspective of how I see the world in a more optimistic way. Instead of seeing depressing clouds or rain that ruins my clothing I see a beautiful dark sky with droplets of water that hit my tongue as I paddle towards the shore. Being out kayaking means more to me than just kayaking. It helps me become a better person and helps me appreciate the smaller things in life such as enjoying the wind or trees or animals that surround us all everyday of our lives.By https://thesandshore.com/

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